Thursday, 26 December 2013

Futches Reich

So here's an interesting idea. First up, get hold of an ammo tin like this (ammo not necessary):

Then spray paint your band's name on the side, call it 'Futsches Reich', then fill it with records and CDs. Cool idea, right? Yeah, well, it may sound cool in theory, but only one band has actually done it & made this idea a reality. Who? Rot In Hell of course. Who else? There were only 35 of these made, and it seems that people overseas have had trouble getting theirs due to customs issues. At least, that's the theory. Anyway, since I didn't have to deal with overseas shipping on this one, mine arrived quickly and in great shape.

Within the box are several of the recent and semi-recent 7"s, each with a specially made red sleeve. God only knows how long it must have taken to put this together. Anyhow, enough chit chat. On to the contents...

First up is the split with Wayfarer. This sleeve has been cut out and looks pretty special.

The split with Moloch. Rather than a sleeve this one just has a smal folded strip:

The split with Horders in a 'regular' photocopied sleeve:

And the split with Vegas, also in a 'regular' photocopied sleeve:

The split with Integrity in a unique and simple sleeve:

And another copy of the lathe cut 'Studies In Emerald' 7". This is the one that came in very special packaging on it's own.

There were also four CDs included. I'm not exactly sure what is on each of these, but I probably already have the songs so that's not as stupid as it sounds.

There was also a couple of envelopes included. The smaller one contains, I think, a bullet. The larger one... who knows? It's sealed.

The envelope does have a pretty special stamp on it. The stamp is actually where the box gets its name. If you are remotely interested in what 'Futches Reich' means then I'd suggest starting here.

This final photo shows all the contents in one go, minus the tin. Kinda crazy, isn't it?

I've almost lost track of all the fancy ass Rot In Hell records there are. I'm pretty sure that this one can't be topped though. Can it?


Anonymous said...

One of the 4 CDs (the No Peace/War to be exact) is actually not a CD but a playable Record! A mini lathe cut CDR so to speak containing the RIH track from said 7"!

I'm guessing that the contents of the small envelope are what's upsetting customs, or more likely Royal Mail as they've recently seen fit to confiscate and dispose of packages that contravene their t&cs without informing the sender!

LiG said...

What a fantastic boxset. Sadly I just missed out on one, although with all the trouble getting it through customs I may have never received it anyway.

Anonymous said...

the No Peace/War is actually both a CDr and a 5" record, its insane. Also the contents of the envelopes is: small one - bullet (from internet searches of the stamping, its not real) + dog tags stamped with 'rot in hell ruined empire', big one - Give Up poster, patch, spray stencil, 10 badges and stickers, opened as I have no intention of selling so whatever yeah?

Anonymous said...

Well this is weird - Been following this blog for a while and just realised you live about 10 minutes away from me haha!

mcs said...

Actually, that's not my address on the envelope - it's my girlfriend's parents' house as I can't receive records at home due to never being in when the postman comes. I don't live too far from there though.