Saturday, 14 December 2013

Another Reason To Believe

So here's one that not many people even know exists - Reason To Believe's 'The Next Door' 7" on Nemesis Records on purple vinyl. I'm not sure exactly when I became aware that this existed. Probably some time in the last three years or so, because that's how it's been since I picked up a green one, and I didn't mention needing a purple one in my post. On a related note, I seriously cannot believe it was three years ago that I got the green copy. Until I searched the blog I seriously thought I picked up the green one last year. Wow. Time is just getting faster and faster. Anyway, the green one is numbered out of 50 and is itself seldom seen. The purple, however, is never seen. It's super rare. So of course, when I got the chance to pick one up, I had to take it.

The green one has a numbered sleeve. This one does not. The sleeve on this particular copy is pretty tatty. The paper dust sleeve is quite interesting, however. It has 'Reason To Believe' written across it in fancy scrawl. No idea if it came like this or a previous owner added it. I'll probably never know either.

It's also interesting that the words are written over the top of the word 'Headfirst', which is written in much smaller writing. No idea why this may be. But like I say, it's interesting.

Receiving this seemed the appropriate time to take a photo of all of my Reason To Believe 7"s together.

The only one I still don't have is a test press. I know that it comes on red vinyl. I doubt one will ever surface at this point. But if it does I hope I'll be there waiting.


geoff said...

for some reason i think ive seen a clear purple version. was it dietrich that had one on his trade list years ago? not sure though.

geoff said...

i looked all over for any info on a clear purple, and i think im mistaken. dietrich did have that clear red version that was listed as a test press.

mcs said...

I know for sure Dietrich didn't have a clear purple one. If he did I would have tried to buy it when I bought this one from him :o)

I did find an old thread on livewire (HERE) which Dietrich started about rare Nemesis pressings. He said he thought he had SEEN a clear purple copy.

Willem Termote said...

I've seen the coloured copies in the recent Nemesis Records Book, but noticed even they are missing a purple. Luckily they did not repress this later on in time.