Sunday, 9 June 2013

War Zone

For someone who has collected Revelation records for nearly 20 years, my War Zone 7" collection borders on embarrassing. Seriously. Until two days ago I only had two copies - one on orange vinyl, and one third press in a black & white sleeve. No first press, no green vinyl, no clear vinyl. I guess this was partly because I never really thought the record was very good, so I never prioritised it. I mean, aesthetically it looks great, but musically it's far from the best Rev release. So I just never got around to picking up more than the two copies I have. Suddenly I'm starting to regret this move and I realise that I badly want the set. So I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Anyway, an old friend was offering to sell some records recently to raise some cash, so I picked up his War Zone 7". This is, I believe, a third press copy, as denoted by the black & silver labels and the blue text on the cover. You've probably seen it a thousand times before, and so had I. I'd just never owned one. Kinda funny seeing as I always thought this blue lettering sleeve looks way better than the others.

This one even comes with a Gorilla Biscuits b-side label:

Considering I used to own a clear vinyl copy of this, and that I no doubt could have easily picked up the other variants through the 90s, starting to aim for more copies of this one in 2013 seems like a bit of an idiotic move. But hey, a dude's gotta have goals.

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Across Your Face said...

Still super awesome. I have zero copies, and I probably won't unless I stumble on one for super cheap haha. Good luck dude!