Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sectarian Violence

Geography and hardcore can be funny things sometimes. Take this Sectarian Violence 'Upward Hostility' LP, for example. This came out recently on a UK label, Carry The Weight Records, yet it took an American to let me know about it. Mike posted about this one a couple of weeks ago, and his write up peaked my interest. He was rabbiting on about the lack of good hardcore releases this year, and how this record was filled the gap. I zipped on over to some internet place and listened to a song, and that was enough to realise I wanted in. I then went straight to the label's store and ordered a copy. Somehow, even though I wasn't quick to the party, there were still white vinyl copies (the most limited colour, out of 100) available. Thank you very much!

What's interesting about this release is that the band is truly international. Three members are from the UK, one from Sweden and one from the USofA. God only knows how they write songs. Clearly though they do as they already have a 7" and now an LP. I don't think I can add much to what I've already said. This is just fast & brutal hardcore. Sometimes that's exactly what you need.


Across Your Face said...

Very nice... I usually don't like white vinyl, but this does look good on white.

Willem Termote said...

I'm guessing they write with three persons the songs in the UK and then record that stuff, send it down there where the fourth person puts vocals on it based on listening to the recordings. And the fifth members yet another layer of sound. And finally all layers get mixed?
I've heard of other bands doing it that way...