Monday, 10 June 2013

Secret Love

Here's one I forgot about. I managed to leave it on my desk after trying to download the mp3s, and then I put some papers on top of it, and that was it. It was as good as lost, until this weekend when I spent a few minutes tidying up. I've had this at least a month. It came in the same parcel as the Supertouch 7" test press a few weeks ago. I opened the parcel to find a second 7" included that I had not been expecting. A copy of the Sacred Love / Secret People split 7".

I really enjoyed the Sacred Love 12" and 7" that Youngblood released, so was looking forward to more jams. But I think when this originally came out I'd had an expensive month so decided to hold off. I then promptly forgot about it. So I was more than grateful to receive this 7".

Once again the Sacred Love tracks are solid, although a little short. The secret People side I'm not into as much, although I fully admit I haven't listened to as much.

Thanks Mike. Greatly appreciated!

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