Sunday, 23 June 2013

Greetings From Revelation

I had a bit of a disaster recently with a Revelation order. I was waiting for the red vinyl pressing of the Rival Mob LP and some other represses that came out at the same time, and the parcel never showed up. I had to wait about two months before it was certain it had gone missing so that I could try again. And by that time, there were more records available. So the second time around the order was twice the size.

First up I'm going to feature the only new release in the batch, which is the Down To Nothing 'Greetings From Richmond, Virginia' 7". This features three songs - two that will be on the upcoming LP, and one song which is exclusive to this 7". This one comes on three colours of vinyl - yellow (520), white (526) and black (550). All have silver labels, which in my opinion look great.

The rest of the batch was represses and reissues. I'm sure most people are getting tired of these now. Perhaps some people have decided that it's a step too far and have given up. Then of course there are people like Geoff and I who will just carry on buying until the end of time. I'm just going to feature these in alphabetical order.

First up is the latest Chain Of Strength 12" repress on blue. This is out of 552 copies. I like how they did it on blue to match the sticker on the shrinkwrap. Very clever.

Next is a grey vinyl (out of 330) pressing of the best In My Eyes LP. My copy has two different colour vinyl stickers, one for each dinged corner. Somehow this is the NINTH copy of this album I have acquired. I should probably have dug them all out for a photo, but it would have been way too much effort. Maybe some other time.

Back to the 7" format now with a red vinyl Inside Out 7". 550 made. Is it me, or does red seem like a weird choice for this one?

Next is one of Rev's weirder releases. The Rage Against The Machine 10" on white, out of 435 copies. I was never really sure why Rev put this out, and I am even more puzzled about who (other than idiots trying to maintain a complete Rev collection) cares about this in 2013.

Next is the Rival Mob LP on red vinyl. This is the third press on red, which is not to be confused with the second press on red. Given that I don't have a second press, I can't be entirely sure what the differences are. But I can see that this version comes in a regular LP sleeve, rather than one with a super wide spine that looks like it could hold about 5 LPs.

Next, one of the Record Store Day releases that I didn't buy even though it was in my hands, because Record Store Day is fucking bent. It's the Sense Field self titled 12" on red. There are 767 of these. Interestingly, the number of gold vinyl copies that was originally pressed when this was first released is a mystery. The Rev discography comes up blank on that one.

Next is another Record Store Day release, the Slipknot 7" on orange. With 1049 made, that's a lot to go around. This seems like the coolest and least offensive repress in a long time, which is I guess because this thing was only ever pressed once, back when it came out. It's time for a new generation of kids to discover just how bad this record really is.

And finally, I got sucked into buying a second copy of the Texas Is The Reason discography. This is, I believe, a third press on orange vinyl. It's supposed to be the same as the second press on orange vinyl, but seeing as I don't own one, I don't know if that's the case or not. The first press was on solid orange, the second (and third) are on clear orange, as you can see:

And of course, as always happens, the moment these arrived Rev dropped yet another colour repress - a gold vinyl copy of the Rage Against The Machine 10". Obviously I can't want to pick up another copy of that one!


Willem Termote said...

I listened to a whole lot of Rage Against The Machine. Especially the debut album back in early nineties! So I'd definitely would like to check out that 10inch on Revelation!

J@screamingforrecords said...

Agreed about those silver centre labels Marcus. I'd like to see Rev use those for future 7" releases they look that good.

Anonymous said...

RATM shared members with Inside Out, so it's not really that weird that Rev released that 10".

Across Your Face said...

Just last week the Rev discography page had the blue copy listed as out of /240. After reading your post I checked again and saw they changed it to /552. I'm wondering if they sold out of the 240 and just got another pressing on blue done. Hmmph. I am disappointed now, because I was thinking that I may have had some "somewhat" limited Chain vinyl haha. PS - I am really digging the Inside Out on Red, but it doesn't really go all that well with the cover huh.

Fredrik said...

Interesting blog. Great stuff. I have my own little jazz vinyl collecting blog here: