Saturday, 22 June 2013

Clear Clear

As I'm pretty out of touch, I seem to be late to the party with most new bands. I miss the early buzz most of the time, and when I catch on the records are sold out. Such was the case with Clear. I still know nothing about them other than they are a straight edge band fronted by ex Have Heart vocalist Pat Flynn. Anyhow, I found a clear vinyl (most limited version out of 100) copy on eBay uk recently, and won it for probably a lot cheaper than it would have cost to buy one from the States. So here it is - Clear on clear.

This 7" is pretty much the text book hardcore record. Six songs in about five minutes. No frills straight edge hardcore. It doesn't even bother with artwork for god's sake.

The same seller also had the second Stick Together 7" on (dirty) clear too. I missed ordering this 7" when it came out for some dumbass reason, even though I had the first 7" at the time and liked it. I decided to bid and got it for pretty cheap.

This second 7" is kinda different to the first. The band have slowed down a little, and sound less aggressive. The first couple of times I played this I thought it sounded dull. But then I started to get hooked on the title track, and now I'm really digging this. I also love the layouts on this 7". Ok, so it's hardly going to win any prizes for originality, but sometimes a generic straight edge 7" (or two!) is exactly what you need.

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