Saturday, 3 November 2012

Youngblood Ketchup I

So last month I received an order from Youngblood Records that I had been waiting on for about eleven months. No sooner did it arrive than I sent Sean an email and had more stuff sent out. This is part one of that order... the 12"s.

Last order I received the release show edition of the Police & Thieves 'Fracturing' 12". No idea on the pressing info though. I guess I should try to find out. Anyhow, one copy is on green vinyl:

And the other copy is on white vinyl:

And a black vinyl copy with no sleeve. Otherwise known as a test press. I think the sleeves have now been made, but they weren't when this was shipped. Hopefully I can still get one at some point.

I also picked up this screen printed version of the Justice 'Escapades' LP.

I really like this LP and think it's actually their best release. Ok, so they were trying hard to be Supertouch at this point, but they actually pulled it off pretty well.

Part II (the 7"s) to follow...

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Mike said...

I knew you were going to end up with a test press! Damn you, and your late to arrive order.

P&T pressing:
55 on white w/ ltd cover
95 on white with official cover
250 on green with official cover.