Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Rot In Hell / Wayfarer

Today's update is the new split 7" between Rot In Hell and Wayfarer. Rot In Hell I am sure you have heard of and heard by now (and if not, please see HERE). Wayfarer... well, I hadn't heard anything by them until I got this. And now I am kicking myself. This band is fuck good. I need to hear more.

Anyway, the 7"... there are three colours of vinyl available for all you losers. White, grey, and grey containing dirt. Each one comes in a gatefold sleeve with some beautiful artwork on it of a bird. When I was about 5 years old (i.e. ages ago) a bird flew into our house, flew around the room a bit, and then tried to fly out again... but instead of flying out the open window, it flew into the closed window at full pelt and died instantly. This taught me that birds are stupid... and I'm sure that any man who has had his heart broken by one would readily agree.

The white vinyl is the most limited, being out of 100 copies, all of which come with a booklet that is stapled shut. So if you're a dickhead like me you will never get to read it. However, since I am reliably informed that it contains "a load of old flannel about the end of the world and that" then I don't think that leaving it closed will change my life.

The only minor complaint i have with this is that the black, glossy inner sleeve does not actually fit into the record sleeve. If you are a nerd like me then this will irritate you too most likely. I recommend binning them and replacing them with ones that actually fit.

Receiving this record brought about a couple of realisations. Firstly, that I have hardly bought any new releases in 2010. Secondly, that I have no idea about any current UK bands. I need to change that if there are more bands like this out there. If you know who I should listen to and who I should avoid then please let me know so as to save me wasting time listening to crap. I don't have much spare time at the moment so any help would be appreciated.

Now, go check out Wayfarer and listen to 'Ragnarok' about fifteen times in a row like I did.



Anonymous said...

If you want to hear other newish uk bands you should get the Mob Rules LP that atko from Rot in Hell put out:

Anonymous said...

1 track of the mob rules LP is online here:

Anonymous said...

Mob Rules-The Donor LP by far the best LP to come out of the UK since Voorhees-Spilling Blood. I picked up the limited red vinyl about a month ago and played it about 8 times in a row the day it arrived. Well worth checking out Marcus.


Billyx27 said...

you could also listen to the Control demo...ha ha

mcs said...

Recommendations of any bands other than Mob Rules would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

mob rules are shite.
listen to afternoon gentlemen, closure, human junk, cease to exist, sick-fuckin-o...