Sunday, 16 August 2009

Making Boxes

A few months ago I made a post about the mess in my flat, caused by having records all over the floor (you can read it HERE). A few weeks ago I finally got around to tidying them up into a small area of my room. But they were still on the floor, as shown here:

I wanted to tidy them up and move them off the floor into boxes because I was sick of my room looking messy. However, the reason I have had them on the floor for so long is simply because I didn't actually have any boxes to put them in.

Actually, that's not entirely true. I always have boxes. But the records on the floor are ones that I don't like to keep in boxes. Why? Because they are "at risk". This means they have photocopied (or low quality printed) sleeves. About three years ago I discovered over 100 of my 7"s had sleeve damage, where the ink on the covers had gone sticky. I am 99.9% sure that this results from heat, although I also think that it does not help to keep large quantities of records together, since I think that the weight of records pressing onto other records is not a good thing. So I keep my "at risk" records in little boxes like this:

The little boxes don't hold many 7"s, which means that there is less pressure on each record.

Unfortunately, I don't have any more of these little boxes, so I've been stuck with the records on the floor. But a few days ago I decided to sort it out. I figured I would MAKE some boxes, cos if there's one thing I have quite a lot of, it's cardboard:

So here's what I did. First up, grab a few standard mailers:

Next, take one of the little 7" storage boxes and open it up:

Next, open up the mailers and cut the tabs off:

Then draw round the unfolded 7" storage box:

Cut out:

And then make the necessary folds:

Then fold together, and tape to keep it secure:

Then simply repeat the whole process five more times:

Finally, fill each box with 7"s, then put these small boxes into a bigger box:

Job done.


xtwentysevenx said...

mate, thats the geekiest post you've made yet.
still amazing though !

Graham said...


eulogyforadream said...

If you had, had some sticky back tape it would have been just like blue peter.

x said...

Incredible :)