Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Disorganised & Bored

I haven't posted on here for over a week. Why? Because I haven't had anything to post. Why? Because I haven't had any new records. Why? Because I haven't bought or traded anything lately. Why? Because the goddamn exchange rate makes things expensive. Why? Because I live in a country with an economy that is falling to pieces, thanks to the banking industry.

Anyway, it struck me the other day how disorganised I have become. I used to keep all my 7" records in alphabetical order in boxes. But I haven't really put any new records in boxes for over a year now. Instead, I seem to have formed several piles on the floor around my room. It occurred to me that I don't even know why I have several piles rather than one or two. But it made me laugh, because I used to hate randomness like this. If I went to someone else's house & found records all over the floor, I would probably lecture them about tidying up and keeping things in order. But for some reason I have become slack, so I thought I would document it & post it up here for your amusement... and because I don't have anything else to post... and because I am bored.

So here's the view from the doorway of my living room:

It actually looks quite tidy from here. Just a couch and some LPs. Looks kinda minimal & pretty organised huh? Notice the heater under the window. Here's what's on the other side of the heater:

More LPs, although this side looks less tidy. I guess its mainly due to the crap on top of the LPs, especially the copy paper boxes. And next to the copy paper boxes is 7" Pile #1:

This pile contains 17 records that have picture disc style clear plastic sleeves. I dug these out because I planned to replace the plastic sleeves with poly sleeves, and put the records into paper dust sleeves. But I haven't got around to it yet & it's been a few months. Oh well.

Next, 7" Pile #2, which is located on the floor next to the LPs:

This pile consists of 8 records and a 7" box set. The box set is there because it wouldn't fit into a box, so I just left it on the floor. The other records are a random mix of things I picked up in Summer. A couple need new poly sleeves, a couple need new paper dust sleeves, a couple are just there for no reason. I don't really know why they are where they are. But I can't be bothered to move them.

7" Pile #3 is found down the side of my couch:

This pile consists of 45 7"s. Some are leaning against the couch, some against the wall, and some are laying flat on the floor. These are the most recent records I have acquired. The piles are in no order at all, and the number or records in each mini-pile is not consistent. When I look down here, I get an urge to put the records into some kind of order. But I can't actually be bothered to do it. This worries me slightly, although not enough to actually do anything about the situation.

7" Pile #4 is located on the other side of the couch:

This is the smallest pile, and consists of only two 7"s. These records were given to me. I have left them here to remind me to listen to them to decide if I want to keep them. They've been there for a couple of months now at least.

Next, here's the view from my couch:

The boxes contain 7"s, which are actually in alphabetical order. But notice there are piles of 7"s around the floor too.

7" Pile #5 is found propped up against the front of one of my 7" boxes:

This pile is the stuff I bought from my friend Hop a couple of months ago, plus a Black Flag 7" I bought on eBay. There are 15 records, including one with a zine that is just laid on the floor on its own. I don't know why I put this stuff in a separate pile. There may have been a reason at the time, but I can't remember.

7" Pile #6 is a collection of records which are hidden behind the door.

There are 97 records here. These are mainly records with "at risk" sleeves, i.e. photocopied sleeves that are delicate. I don't like keeping photocopied sleeves in boxes since the pressure of other records seems to lead to damage. So I have kept them out separately, with a view to putting them somewhere cool. There are also a small number of records that I plan to sell or trade, and a bag containing some spare LP sleeves. Some of these records have been here for over a year. Whoops.

Finally, 7" Pile #7 consists of three piles of records that are leaning against the wall next to the door:

There are 60 records here. These are again records with "at risk" sleeves. I don't know why they are in a separate place to the others though, and I don't really have an urge to move them since they are not exactly in the way.

1. There are 245 records dotted around the floor of my room.
2. I need to get myself organised.
3. In the time it has taken me to write this nonsense, I probably could have got myself organised.
4. I am an idiot

Hopefully normal blogging service can resume soon...


Mike said...

You are disorganized! Not only do you organize your albums incorrectly, but you just leave 7 inch records strewn about the floor. *shakes head in disapproval*

PS. Cool new profile picture.

mel said...

ha, ha. Markus, you really do have too much time on your hands man.untse