Wednesday 19 August 2009

Necracedia LP

I used to like Wreck-age Records back in the 90s. They put out some interesting bands, e.g. Bad Trip, Yuppicide, Die 116, Mind Over Matter, Milhouse, Indecision, S.F.A, Neglect. Also, as stupid as it sounds, I liked the way that every single record they put out had the same label on side b - the Wreck-age logo. It just gave the records a nice consistency. Anyway, I have most (but not all) of the Wreck-age releases, and most I have tracked down on colour vinyl. A couple of them proved pretty hard to find. But one that I never had was the label's second release, which is an LP by a band called NECRACEDIA. In fact, until a few months ago, I had never even heard of it. The way it came to my attention was that I was chatting about Wreck-age releases with fellow enthusiast Nick Mango, and we tried to patch together a discography, and it was then that I realised I was missing Wreck-age #2. So I put it on my wants list. Then, a couple of weeks back, Nick sent me an email telling me that this record was on eBay. By some stroke of good luck, it was listed on, which would make things slightly easier for me. It was listed at £4. I figured nobody else would be interested in bidding. In the end I was right. I won it for £4 and was the only bidder.

I played this once, and then managed to find the mp3s on the internerd. So I've now listened to it twice. It's alright. Nothing too special. I guess it would have probably sounded better when it was released in about 1991. Flex! describes it as "Nice blend of politically aware HC, psychotic stuff à la Negative Approach and NYHC. Production is not that great, otherwise a good record" which is probably pretty fair. Not too exciting really, but another box ticked for me.

By the way - Thanks for the heads up, Nick! Appreciated.


Anonymous said...

A couple of the guys from Necracedia formed a band called The Bad Genes, on the 1st Voorhees european tour in 1994 we played a few shows with them, nice guys, good band, their singer was a dead ringer for James Dean too, haha.

mike said...

I realy like this record, they hail from Pittsburgh PA and were a hell of a live band back in the day.


Alternate 1995 said...

Yeah 4 bucks...that's what I figured. Nobody really knows this band. They put a decent 7" out in 1990. Looks like this Not on wreckage/exit though. Bad Card Records in france....yeah, I never heard of them either.