Sunday, 13 August 2017

Blue Bold

So I recently decided that I wanted a Bold 7" with a blue cover. It's funny, but for years I thought that the blue cover looked cheap and inferior to the maroon cover, but then over time I started to appreciate the blue cover more. It finally reached a point where I REALLY wanted one. So I started to look. I wanted one for a low price and in good condition, and it took a lot longer than I expected, but eventually eBay came good.

The reason this is tough to find in good condition is that the sleeve is flimsy as hell. The maroon cover is printed on a thick cardstock, but the blue is on a really thin glossy paper. This kind of paper creases very easily. You can see a couple of very small creases at the top of my copy in the photo above, but only because the angle reflects the light. In these photos, you can't realy see anything:

It's funny, but as much as I used to hate the blue cover, I now think it looks better. And I think it would sit better alongside the 'Speak Out' LP.

On a different note, however, did anyone ever wonder why the band name / logo on the front cover isn't centrally alligned, either vertically or horizontally? It just looks stupid to me, especially when you see two copies next to each other. Annoying.


Willem Termote said...

waiting to get a certain record is wise, but it increases the changes of getting a copy in lesser condition also... The longer after they got released, the more they got used also.

geoff said...

the blue cover is really sharp looking. the pure magenta cover is kind of harsh on the eyes, but would have looked great had they matched the vinyl. luckily they didnt, but i love the orange, pink, and mix versions of that record.

i remember buying the blue cover right as soon as i heard about it, i was excited over it. stupid me was wondering at the time if it had new songs on it? (i was young and naive) the record arrived quickly and the cover was already creased and warped. looked like it was put in a washing machine, minus the water. that paper they used was so delicate. i never tried to track down one in better condition.