Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Stand Off

In my last post I talked about being up to date. And here's yet more proof, as if it were needed. This is the debut vinyl release from a band called Stand Off. Not to be confused with the UK band from the early 90s who had a 7" released by Crucial Response Records, this band come from Washington DC. This 7" is actually the band's 2014 demo put to vinyl, and this particular version was a pre-release version sold at Damaged City Fest... back in April 2016.

This was put out by Youngblood Records twelve months ago, and a few months later it got a proper release... although obviously I don't have that, because that would require me to be up to date. Gimme a few months and maybe we'll talk about it.

The funny thing about this is that Damaged City happened again this year a couple of weeks ago, Stand Off played it as their last show. Yup, that's right - just after the band broke up, I managed to get their pre-release 7". Just how late can a dude be to his favourite new band? Stay tuned for more releases from your past to find out...

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chris said...

That means you'll get your stash sometime next year. Ha!!