Saturday, 20 August 2016

We Are Love

It seems like only yesterday that Give appeared on the scene with their fancy flower imagery slapped over everything. It seemed new and interesting, as did their Swiz-like sounds. But it's been 6 years ago now since that they appeared, and in the time since they've released quite a lot of records. And especially after the last LP, it feels to me like people are losing interest.

Well, when people start to lose interest then I see it as an opportunity. One of the items I have been missing for nearly 4 years now is the 'Singles Going Confetti' 12" with limited sleeve. Back when I saw them play in 2012, they were selling their newly released 12", and I bought a yellow vinyl copy and was happy... until I discovered that I had somehow missed out on the limited cover version.

There were 110 copies with this limited cover and on yellow vinyl with black swirls. Some were sold by the band on tour, and some were sold via the label directly. The giant flower logo looks perfect blown up to this size, don't you think?

When I was a kid I used to think that 8 was my lucky number. I guess some things never change.

If anyone else is looking to offload any Give records, I'm still looking for a pink vinyl copy of the 'Electric Flower Circus' LP. Email me if you're looking to sell.


geoff said...

this is one of the nicest looking records. the colors for the vinyl and jacket are really good. not just in the matching sense either.

Willem RWHAF said...

yes, the cover speaks to me. But the 'elfish' font on the back doesn't.