Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Truth Hurts

I almost forgot about this one. I misplaced it and found it at the weekend when I was doing a spot of tidying. I bought this for £5 at the record fair I went to back in June. In Control 'The Truth Hurts' LP on clear vinyl.

This came out when vinyl was in a dark place. Indecision Records released the album on CD, but licensed the vinyl to a smaller label, Martyr Records. Revelation were also indulging in this practice around the same time. I guess sales were on the decline and these traditional vinyl labels didn't want to lose more money. Whereas smaller labels were somehow happy to take the risk.

There were 700 of these on clear, and 300 on grey. I already have the grey. It's a pretty good record too. I hadn't listened to this in quite a long time but have played it a bit lately after picking this up. I always thought that In Control were a solid band, but they never really seemed to get as much recognition as thy deserved. I think some people were very passionate about them though, and they always had records on the best labels too.

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Dr.Fresh.Rhymes said...

love this record/band!!