Saturday, 23 May 2015


I picked up the new Title Fight LP 'Hyperview'. There were a few different pressings of this one (and Nico has just about all of them!), but I didn't want to try to collect them all. I decided that I would be happy with one copy. The only question was which one to try to get. As I am generally a fan of vinyl colours matching artwork, I decided to go after a white copy.

This LP is quite different to their previous releases. Their sound has mellowed a lot and they now sound like an early 90s British shoegaze band. I've actually been really enjoying this record the last couple of weeks. Shame I missed the band on tour, but the only show near me was sold out. I saw some footage of them playing live last week and I was surprised to see a non-stop line of kids stage diving. I mean, seriously, how is this music to dive to?


Nico said...

Good choice, I do feel when it comes to colored vinyl, white works best. Sadly all those US pressings are so flimsy. Sound wise, I feel the European black pressing, which I didn't even post about is the best sounding one.

Handsome Pete said...

I didn't even realize there was a new release. Thanks for this.

Nico said...

Also mixed in the set, those newer songs work out fine. So stagediving, just people enjoying the music. Went to see them on Saturday.