Monday, 19 January 2015

Metal Circus

So I started collecting colour vinyl Hüsker Dü records a couple of years ago. When I started out, the one I wanted the most was the 'Metal Circus' EP. The opening song on this record is 'Real World', which the 15 year old me fell in love with when I first heard it featured in Jason Lee's section in 'Video Days', which was the first Blind Skateboards video. It was the second song in Jason Lee's section, and I loved how noisy and raw it sounded. To me, it was the perfect soundtrack to the skating.

I borrowed a Hüsker Dü album a couple of years later, but the mistake I made was that I borrowed one of their later albums, which was much softer and more melodic than the noisy, hardcore sound of 'Real World' EP. Well, I know that now, but back then I had no clue and just assumed that 'Real World' was an anomaly and the band was dull. So I'm glad I gave them a second chance later in life and realised the error in my 17 year old judgement.

I knew this came on grey vinyl, and it has proved quite a tough find. The only thing that is slightly annoying is that I have no idea what the deal is with this record. I'm not sure if this was a 90s SST colour vinyl press, or a recent repress from some point in the last 3 or 4 years. I literally have no clue whatsoever. If I had to guess I would say it was made in the last few years because it looks and feels too new to be 20 years old. Plus it doesn't have the 90s 'color vinyl' sticker on the shrink. So I'm guessing at a 2011 ish repress. But it really is just a guess. Anyone know for sure?


massivewaste said...

This is full of good songs. To me, "Diane" is maybe their finest moment (dare to say?). Aside from that, Discogs lists something that looks exactly like your version

Nico said...

Awesome score, indeed from late 2011 or late 2012. I Should have bought those colored copies. Did receive the Living End double LP today.

mcs said...

Thanks guys! Appreciated!

Anonymous said...

there is also a 10" version of this on grey vinyl from the 90s. (and purple, pink, blue, orange)