Saturday, 27 December 2014

Bad Timing

So, No Warning's second LP, 'Suffer Survive' was a weird one. It came out ten years ago on CD only on a major label. Bridge Nine were supposed to do the vinyl, and went so far as making a test pressing, but then the project was canned. To this day I have no idea why. So there were 16 or so vinyl copies of this LP made, which were test pressings, and that was it. Well, until 2014 that is, when Six Feet Under Records surprised the world by releasing it on vinyl for the first time, with no pre-order and no fanfare. I was around when the email announcing this dropped into my inbox, and could have easily bought the most limited colour, but I had a friend in the States who owed me money so I emailed him and asked him to buy me a copy. Dude was busy at work so the first two most limited colours sold out, leaving me with the most common colour... the brown & white mix copy.

I don't know why exactly, but I fucking hate this thing.


Mike said...

I thought that you really liked this album. I watched the video again for Bad Timing the other day, and the whole Woodstock '99/Limp Bizkit/bro vibe really kills it for me.

mcs said...

I like the album a lot. I just don't like this pressing, but am not sure why exactly.