Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I first read about the Protester 7" on Chris's blog a couple of months ago. Something about his post made me want to check the 7" out, so I went to the Protester bandcamp and gave them a listen. I was instantly into it. It was inevitable that I would then buy a 7".

The cover looks like something that someone would doodle whilst on the phone. It's hardly high quality artwork. But nevertheless, I really like it. Simple, but effective.

This reminds me of all my favourite bands from the 00s era. Kinda like all the best stuff from Bridge Nine, Malfunction and Dead By 23 all rolled into one band ten years later. Really good stuff. Wish I'd been early enough to bag one of the tour press covers. Speaking of which, if anyone has one, please send me a pic. I'm just curious as to what it looks like.

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