Monday, 5 May 2014

Manifest Decimation

Sometimes I intentionally sleep on new records because the limited version has sold out. Such was the case with the Power Trip 'manifest Decimation' LP. I found out about the pre-order a few days too late, and just figured that the limited version would have sold out. I couldn't be sure, but I didn't want to risk it, so I decided to wait. Well, about eight months later, I finally got one on 'oxblood' vinyl.

I really enjoyed the 7" that was released on Lockin' Out Records, which I was surprised at back then as it's not my usual style, but I do struggle to get through this LP in one sitting. I've not really got a thrash/crossover/whatever background and this stuff feels relentless after a few songs, like I need a break. Three to four songs is good, but more just feels like too much. But maybe I'll change my mind when I start to get used to the songs after a few more listens. Only time will tell.

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