Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Inner Earth Inferno

So there I was a few weeks ago surfing eBay when I stumbled across someone selling a load of Ancient VVIsdom records. They had about three different versions of a split 12" with Charles Manson that I didn't have, so I made a point to bid on one and won it with (I think) one bid.

The art work on this thing is pretty rad. It looks great. I especially like how the fire on the cover goes nicely with the vinyl colour.

The back story on this is also pretty cool. Apparently the Ancient VVisdom songs were recorded in a shack in the woods by a lake. The perfect setting for this band. Apparently these two songs were their first recording, and I was told to consider this their demo. The Charles Manson side I have pretty much zero interest in, although they were apparently recorded over the phone in his cell by his then girlfriend.

Unfortuantely, however, despite this thing looking the business and the cool story behind it, it just isn't very good. The AVV songs don't sound too good compared to everything else they've done, and the Manson side is utter garbage. Still, at least it looks nice eh?

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