Monday, 18 February 2013

Youngblood Test Covers

Today's post is not about records. It's about covers, sleeves or jackets (depending on which word you like to use). Back in November 2012 I picked up some Youngblood tests, none of which came in sleeves. But now, three months later, Sean sent me the sleeves. And as you would expect, they're all top quality.

First up I'm posting my favourite. The No Tolerance 7". This one has a foldover card sleeve which has the same artwork as the regular version of the record, except for the fact that this one is printed in gold ink. Also, the inner paper sleeve is red paper and has 'Youngblood Records test press' stamped on it. As you can see, it looks great.

The next one is a sleeve for the Give 'Flowerhead' 7". This one comes printed on thin orange paper. It looks cool, and is a great twist on the Youngblood logo, although I am slightly concerned that it's just photocopied and therefore at risk of damage over time. On the positive side though, unlike the No Tolerance, this one is numbered, which is always a nice touch.

And finally, the Police And Thieves 'Fracturing' 12" cover, which is made from a nice thick card. This one is pretty much identical to the release show sleeve, but printed on green rather than white card.

At some point I hope to get a cover for the Face Reality test too. Tests with covers are so much nicer than those without.


xReganx said...

That No Tolerance test looks amazing. Super jealous, I need that to complete my No Tolerance 7" collection. Any idea of how many there are?

mcs said...

No idea how many there are, but I would guess more than 20, as I think Youngblood tests are usually made in quantities over 20.

Andy McKay said...

I have a test of the Worn Thin discography on Youngblood that I wouldn't mind having some kind of cover for. It's the only record in my now complete Worn Thin collection without a cover.

Mike said...

Jesus Fuckin' Christ. These are awesome.

Across Your Face said...

Jesus christ, you are posting some serious heavy hitters lately. Making us all look like major amateurs!