Monday, 17 December 2012

Bonus Flag

At the start of the year, SST records repressed a couple of Descendents records on colour wax. 'ALL' came out on purple, and 'Bonus Fat' on grey and green. They were literally all over eBay. I planned to do an SST order and pick up those and the Black Flag colour reissues all in one fell swoop. But time passed and I didn't. All of a sudden, the Descendents represses were gone. Oops! But just recently I managed to track down one of them - 'Bonus Fat' on grey.

This really is the worst and most pointless Descendents record. It combines two 7"s onto one 12". One side is full of joke 30 second songs. The other side is the debut 7" which sounds like a different band. Not even a good band either. Some whackass surf type band. Atrocious stuff. Ride The Wild? Hardly. But you know how it is - if you're going for the full collection then you have to own the rough with the smooth.

At the same time as picking this up, I also grabbed another copy of Black Flag's 'In My Head' on a different brownish color. This is one of the dumbest purchases I have made. I am convinced that these were pressed on scrap vinyl, as there are many different shades of colour. It would be completely futile to try to collect them, as probably every copy is different. Yet even knowing that, I just bought another one. I have to stop now else I am going to end up with ten copies of this and ten copies of 'Loose Nut', which will ruin the collection and cause major imbalance... although I have seen a yellow one which does look kinda cool.

If anyone has a handle on where I can get a purple vinyl copy of 'ALL' please let me know. They probably pressed 500, so there must be somewhere I can get one without having to pay over the odds. Anyone?


Across Your Face said...

"Vegas Gold"!

Willem Termote said...

That BF record looks more like bronze!

Anyway thanks for the info on Bonus Fat, no reason to buy it now. But I do like Descendent very much, especially Milo Goes To College.

Anonymous said...

The songs from bonus fat are great, one side has fast short hardcore songs, the other side has classic KBD punk songs.

Coregasm said...

Dude, you're way off about the Fat tracks. They are pure gold, IMO. I think most people feel the same as you since it's not Milo singing but still... excellent surf rock and the very beginning of one of the best bands ever.