Monday, 31 December 2018

Cop Out Post 2 - A Bunch Of 12"s

There's nothing like leaving things until the absolute last minute. So here's another cop out post, in which I'm posting up a whole bunch of LPs & 12"s that I picked up this year that I didn't get around to blogging about, just so I can consign them to the 2018 blog history.

As with the 7" post, I'm just gonna throw these up in alphabetical order...

So we're starting off with 'A' and this ALL 'Allroy Saves' LP on green vinyl. I picked this up on eBay UK for less than half the usual selling price, which I was pretty happy with.

Next, the self-titled American Nightmare LP that came out by surprise. I picked up the 'red glow' version. It's pressed on a pretty interesting colour. It looks like a dirty clear vinyl in normal light:

But it glows a pretty reddish pink in the dark. Looks pretty rad huh?

A lot of people seemed to like this LP. I had pretty low expectations, and they were marginally exceeded. I would rate this record as 'ok'. Not bad but not great either. But I give them points for putting out new music rather than playing shows and continuing to crank out the same old stuff.

Next is a 12" on New Age by Cutting Through called 'A Will To Change'. I grabbed the 77 pressing.

I think some people were disappointed with this record after their earlier material, but I really liked this a lot.

I also picked up the reissue of the Godspeed 'Swimmer's Ear' 12". I have always loved this record, so I stupidly bought all three versions - pink, white and red. The pink is the most limited. I think there were 200 of those, and 400 each of the red and white.

Next, this repress of the classic 'Ballads From The Revolution' LP by Good Riddance. I don't have an original colour vinyl copy of this record, so this cheap repress on a nice colour was an easy choice.

I also picked up this green vinyl second press copy of the Krimewatch LP. I couldn't resist it as it comes with a cool obi strip.

I wasn't overly impressed with Krimewatch when I first heard them. But I played this LP a few times and started to really enjoy it, which makes owning two copies of it almost acceptable.

One of my favourite pick ups of the year was a test press of the Pitchfork 'Eucalyptus' LP. This was originally released by Nemesis Records.

I've owned a gold vinyl copy of this LP since about 1993, and its been one of my favourites ever since.

Another release that had me excited was the Temperance full length 'Searching For Silence'. This was originally released by Moo Cow Records in 1995, but on CD only. And for some reason, the label decided that 2018 would be the perfect time to finally press this on vinyl. Without any limited versions, I decided I needed to track down a test press, and was partially successful. I managed to score this rejected test, which comes in a regular cover:

And I also picked up a regular black vinyl copy, which isn't quite as exciting.

When I was ordering from New Age, I also took a chance and picked up the Treason 'No One Is Safe' 12".

This is a one sided 12". The flipside features an etched design of a picture of some guy. I'm guessing he was a friend of the band. RIP.

One thing that's really cool is that the inside of the sleeve features a triple X print. It's actually pretty rad.

I also picked up another copy of this record on 'clear with black smoke' vinyl. I'm not exactly sure why I picked up a second copy, but hey.

And finally, a pink vinyl copy of the True Love 'New Young Gods' 12". Once again, I picked this up cheap on eBay UK. And although pink is the most common version of this one, I'm happy with it because pink vinyl is the best colour.

So that's it. My final post of 2018. Done. Again, sorry if it was a bit boring. Maybe I'll try harder in 2019...


Unknown said...

2018 might be known as the year that you checked out more new hardcore bands than I did.

Mike said...

Sorry...for some reason that posted from "Unknown", but as the only person that comments here, you should have just assumed it was me.

Nico said...

Glad to see some updates!

cp said...

I can't really tell by the pic but it looks like the etching for the Treason record is The Undertaker (wrestler)