Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Records At Nite

A few weeks ago someone on my facebook feed this question popped up; 'Anyone else out there agree that the, “I just needed a day to feel lonely and blue” bridge, in Lifetime’s “All Night Long”, is the actual greatest 19 seconds ever put to wax?'. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm generally not very good at song titles. Most of the time I just listen to songs. I might learn a lot of the words through repeated listens, but I don't sit there reading the titles whilst the songs play. So my first thought was 'which song is it? I'll check... And then, after scanning through the songs on my ipod, I realised that I didn't appear to own the song in question at all. I was confused, so I googled it and then discovered that that it was on their last album, which I never actually got around to.

So of course, after downloading it and giving it a go, I soon found it on constant rotation. It's a pretty short record, so I was getting through it 3 or 4 times a day. It was then pretty obvious that I needed to own the record, so I went straight to Discogs and did my best purchasing manoeuvre.

This album was released by Fuelled By Ramen in 2006. I actually went to see the band play on the tour for this record, but didn't end up getting in to the show (I hadn't bought a ticket and didn't realise it was sold out, but even when I found this out I still optimistically thought that I would be able to sneak in once they came on. But alas, it didn't happen). Seems crazy that it was 12 years ago. Anyway, there were apparently 250 of the first press copies on red vinyl, so that's what I grabbed. Owning one of the many repress colours on No Idea just didn't seem good enough. You know how it is.

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