Tuesday, 29 August 2017


It's odd how, as time moves on, I care more about things that I didn't care for at all a few years ago. Take this here repress copy of the classic 'Words To Live By, Words To Die For' compilation 7" on red vinyl for example:

This is the second press of this comp, which apparently came out in 1994. The first press was released in 1991 and came on both yellow and also clear vinyl in a photocopied sleeve. I always thought that the repress, in this glossy sleeve featuring different artwork, looked inferior and was ultimately not something that I needed to own.

I guess sometimes I can switch my opinion based on a low price. So I saw this for sale and my thought process changed from 'no need to own that' to 'might as well buy that for that price'. If nothing else though, it was a good excuse to listen to this again and attempt to pick a favourite song. And I still think it's the Drift Again song, which I imagine is not the popular choice. Right?


geoff said...

that drift again song is by far the best track on that comp! the other songs are good, but they do not come close to drift again.

geoff said...

heres a link for everyone who forgot what it sounds like: