Monday, 21 August 2017

Victory Style

Following on from the last post, and here's yet another Damnation A.D. record that I picked up recently:

'In This Life Or The Next' is the band's third full length, released after they reformed back in 2007. I actually went to see them play live in London, around a year before this was released. Unknown to me at the time was that the show started early, and when I arrived I had already missed Damnation. That was pretty much the last time that they were on my radar until recently. First up the rumours of the 'Pornography' LP, and then Victory pressed this album onto vinyl for the first time. There are only 327 copies pressed in total, all on white vinyl.

Despite thinking that I was over this band, I couldn't help but pick up a copy... even if this meant ordering from Victory for the first time in about 18 years. I have to say, despite not expecting much from this, it's is a really good record. Super heavy.

The Damnation LP was one of three old releases that Victory just got around to pressing onto wax for the first time. And wouldn't you know it, I also wanted the other two too, which are both A18 (aka Amendment Eighteen) records. First is the second full length, 'Forever After Nothing', originally released in 2003, with a total of 322 copies pressed on red vinyl:

And secondly, the third full length, 'Dear Furious', which was originally released in 2004. Only 326 copies were pressed on cool clear vinyl.

And finally, despite intending to buy only these three LPs in the Victory store, I got sucked in by a fourth. I'd seen a couple of pics of the latest press of the first Hatebreed LP and it looked like such an interesting colour record that I couldn't help but add one to the cart.

I have one copy of this record, which I picked up back when it came out, and I probably haven't listened to since about 2000. But in the spirit of this post, and on the theme of 'I'd forgotten how good this is', well... I'd forgotten how good this is.

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Mike said...

I've never been a fan of Hatebreed, but that colored vinyl certainly has my attention!