Saturday, 26 August 2017

True Gold

Back in January, I picked up the debut 7" by True Vision released by Quality Control HQ in the UK. Featuring the singer of Violent Reaction on drums, this is a blistering hardcore 7", musically sitting somewhere between early Sick Of It All and Youth Of Today. So even after picking up the blue vinyl UK pressing, I couldn't resist also picking up the gold vinyl US pressing on Painkiller.

Just like the Arms Race 7" that Painkiller and Quality Control HQ both also released, the US and UK pressings of this 7" have the same cover art, but are printed in different colours. I have to say, I do think that the US version, with the black cardstock and gold ink, looks the nicer of the two.

It was the start of the year when this came out, so I thought I'd try to find some information on whether there is a full length in the pipeline. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything. I really hope that there is one coming though. This band is too good to stop after just one 7".

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