Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Skate Tuff

Last year I picked up a coupe of copies of the Atari discography LP, and this got me to listening to the band again for the first time in a while. You know how a band can vanish from your radar, and then re-appear again years later? Yeah, well that's what happened. And you know the next step - you start looking out for more of their records, so that the old band can feel like a new band through the joy of new records.

This time around I picked up two copies of the 'Skate Tuff' 7". This 7" was released by a Belgian Record label, Siton Records, back in 1999. When it came out I bought a red vinyl copy and left it there. All these years later and I saw fit to pick up the other two colour vinyl copies - blue and green.

I have no idea what the pressing info is for this record, or whether one colour is rarer than another. All I do know is that the three look pretty damn good together.


Willem Termote said...

Makes me curious who is/was behind that Siton Records label.

Nico said...

If I am not mistaking Siton records was run by Tony Peelman, who now runs Empire records (a metal label)now. I don't know if he ever was in a band, but he did took pictures of YOT on their 1989 tour, that ended up on the We Bite edition of WNITA!