Tuesday, 22 August 2017

All My Heroes Are Tests

I'm getting into the idea of linking posts together, so the natural follow on from yesterday's Victory records post is this test press of the first Amendment Eighteen LP, 'All My Heroes Are Dead'.

This one was released by New Age Records back in the year 2000. I vaguely remember it being released, but don't remember where I got my first (red vinyl) copy from, which is strange because I remember where I got most of my records from. Anyway, what I enjoyed about this record back when it came out was that it sounded a bit rougher than the average New Age release. And with hindsight, it's more punk and less metal sounding than the two albums that followed.

This test came with the regular LP sleeve. Not sure if all copies do. But it's always good when a test comes in more than just a paper dust sleeve.

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