Thursday, 31 August 2017

A Day In June

A couple of months ago I posted a Gameface test press, and said this at the end:

...there are a couple of other releases that I could realistically aim to find in the fullness of time, so fingers crossed...

And here, by coincidence, is one of them - a test press of the 'Day In June' 7":

This 7" came out on Dr. Strange Records back in 1995. I've owned my regular copy since then. So 22 years later it's cool to add the test to the collection. It didn't come in a sleeve, so here's the test next to the sleeve just for fun.

That's now 5 Gameface tests I own. The chances of picking up any more seem slim. But never say never...

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Mike said...

Nice score, and a job well done in getting up 14 posts in a month!