Monday, 17 April 2017

Move Thru Me

As well as the record release for the Search 7", I was also sent this Turnstile record release version for their latest 7" 'Move Thru Me'. I hadn't gotten around to picking this record up at all yet, so it was really cool to end up with this special version as my first and only copy.

The record release element of this package is the white cover, which is just a single piece of cardstock placed on top of the regular cover. What I find interesting about the cover is how bad it is. I mean, look at it... some random doodles in different colours, hand numbered in black marker smack bang in the middle. It's so awful that its kinda cool.

The regular cover for the record is just as bad as the record release cover, if not worse. I mean, why put the song titles on the front? What's wrong with the traditional setup of a picture on the front and the song titles on the back?

This 7" contains four songs, one of which is a cover. But unlike most bands, Turnstile don't bother covering a classic. Instead, they opt for a Give song which featured on their full length from a couple of years ago. Another interesting move.

The main conclusion I draw from all this is that Turnstile simply do not give a fuck about what other bands do or what is normal. They make their own rules, and I have to respect that.


Mike said...

Bad Turnstile covers is an art form at this point! So bad that they are good.

Willem Termote said...

Honestly, I think these songs are great. Turnstile still manage to sound catchy, I hadn't handed it to them in the beginning.