Sunday, 30 April 2017


A couple of weeks ago it was the 20th of April. Something which I didn't fully appreciate (or understand) until this year was that the 20th of April is some global stoner celebration. Seems an appropriate time for me to finally pick up this Carry On 7":

This was made for a show that took place on 20th April way back in 2001. 420 fest happened in Boston, MA and also featured American Nightmare, Panic, Bane and some bands called Late Night Revenge. I guess that if the show had taken place a day later, this cover would probably have looked very different.

I could never really seem to justify paying much for this. I mean, the limited 'cover' is just a piece of cut card placed over the top of the regular cover. It barely even qualifies as a cover at all, as it doesn't cover anything.

That said, it is something a bit different. I mean, why not have a straight edge record with a marijuana leaf on the front? That's kinda punk in itself, right? Anyway, I believe that there were 100 of these, numbered inside the leaf. I'll bet these were a total pain in the ass to make too. Nearly as much of a pain in the ass as it was for me to track one down for a price I wanted to pay.


chris said...

Now that I actually see this I think I want one.

Vinylcollector75 said...

Nice score