Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Free Be World Be Free

I've had this record for a few weeks now, and really should have posted it sooner, but taking decent pictures has proven problematic. I guess I just need to lower my standards a little and get on with it.

At the start of this year Revelation released the debut LP by World Be Free. I've posted pictures of the first press colours (green vinyl and orange vinyl) previously. But the version that everybody was (and most still are) after was the tour press, which was sold back in February on some tour they did where they sold about ten copies per show. It came in a special sleeve, inspired by the Chung King LP:

It seems that somebody forgot that the Chung King LP came on white vinyl. Unfortunately, the orange vinyl doesn't look quite as nice. However, it really doesn't matter. This thing is all about the sleeve.

I was real lucky to have someone pick one of these up for me from one of the shows back in February. However, I then got hit by the worst luck in the world as the parcel it was sent to me in went MIA. I had a lot of good records in that missing box, but for some reason this World Be Free tour press was one of the three records I was most looking forward to receiving. I just loved the look of the front cover. So I was devastated when it was lost and vanished into the ether. I knew that I would really struggle to find another, especially at a good price.

So imagine how stoked I was then when someone GAVE me this copy here. I wasn't even expecting it. When I opened the mailer, it simultaneously put a smile on my face and brought a tear to my eye that someone could be so kind, thoughtful and selfless. If my parcel going missing back in April was the low point of my year, then this was probably the high point. THANK YOU!


Willem RWHAF said...

That is a generous gift! Good daylight for photo's is hard to get these days of the year.

chris said...

Awesome that you were able to get one!