Monday, 29 August 2016

A Lion Riding A Horse

So back on 6 June, a limited version of the World Be Free 'The Anti Circle' went on sale via the band's webstore. Or rather, it was supposed to go on sale. What actually happened was that a lot of people got excited about the record and the store crashed under the volume of traffic. I was sat at work at the end of the working day, and found myself clicking 'refresh' constantly for about an hour, not wanting to go home in case the store came back online and I missed out. So for an hour I found myself staring at the blue gator:

Well, the band then posted a message to say that they were working on getting a new site up to sell the records. So in the meantime I took the opportunity to escape the office and get myself home. And then a couple of hours after it should have gone on sale, it went on sale on a different site. I think the site crashing actually helped me, as it meant that a lot of people in the States were at work and not in a position to place an order. So when it went on sale the second time, I was able to grab one without problem.

The previous versions of this LP were pressed on orange and green vinyl. There was also a second pressing on clear vinyl (which I don't have yet), and based on the labels on the record itself, as well as the vinyl colours chosen, it felt like a homage to the War Zone 'LESC' 7". Well, this version confirms that's the case beyond a shadow of a doubt:

This limited cover is a cartoon parody of the infamous 'Lion Attacking A Horse' sleeve of the War Zone 7", which nobody has ever seen in full.

There were only 100 of these, numbered by hand. The hand numbering has been done in a style and colour that matches the rest of the text, which is good attention to detail, right?

The slight downside to this version was that it cost a lot because it came as part of a bundle, which included a couple of other bits of gubbins - a shirt and a slipmat. The shirt matches the LP cover, but the slipmat really doesn't. It looks dirty and used.

So this is the second limited cover for this LP that has been made. The first I never got. I had one coming to me in a big box with loads of other stuff that got lost. I was really looking forward to that record. Something about the cover just made me want it bad. It was one of the records in the box that I was looking forward to the most. So I made a split second decision to buy a second copy of this limited bundle so that I could try to trade one for the first limited cover version of the LP which got lost. Only, when the second copy arrived, it was slightly different to the first one, as the back cover was printed the wrong way up. Here's a short video which shows the misprint.

As of now I haven't traded one away and still have two. And I admit, I'm slightly tempted to keep them both as they are different, in some weird unintended way. But I'm curious - what would you do? Keep both or trade one?


Jeff said...

I'd keep them both.... but you already knew that haha!

And it's a lion RIDING a horse, not attacking.

Mike said...

Keeping both of them is stupid and makes no of course you should do it.

geoff said...

the jeffs/geoffs agree! you have to keep it. it might be the only oddball one out there and it will be yours. with the quest to have it all, you need to keep the regular version too.

chris said...

I wonder how many people just looked at their copies since you posted this.