Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Voice Of Reason

Following on from yesterday's Ounce Of Kind 7" post, here's another record from a band that falls neatly into the 'obscure and little known 90s bands' category. This is a 7" entitled 'Gear' by a band called Voice Of Reason, released by Selfless Records. I already own a grey vinyl copy of this which I have owned since probably 1993 or so. I probably haven't listened to it for about 20 years, but this was one of those that I stumbled across for next to nothing and bought for two reasons - firstly, because it was on a different colour vinyl to the one I already had, and secondly because I remembered it being a pretty damn good record.

Well, the joke was on me because, when I got it and played it, I was surprised to find that I didn't remember it at all. And more to the point, that it was not great. Perhaps I was remembering their second 7" as being good. In the next few days I'll dig it out and give it a spin to find out.


Mike said...

What!?!? I remember this record being damn awesome, and I'm jealous of the colored vinyl. Of course now I'm going to need to listen to this record to see if my opinion of it has changed since I last heard it 10 years ago.

geoff said...

i remember this 7" for sale, but never bought or have even heard the band. nor do i remember it being on green. two back two back posts of 1990's records i havent heard. im impressed.

colored vinyl sidenote: my favorite 90's distro was fade in distro. i guess he ripped off a lot of people, but never once with me. he had great records for sale. lots of colored vinyl too. not easy to get back then either.

J@screamingforrecords said...

I used to have a really cool Voice Of Reason shirt - wonder if I still have it