Sunday, 27 September 2015

Up Against The Wall

A few months ago Mark sent a facebook message telling me to pick up a Chain Rank LP. Now, I didn't know what it was, but after the let down of the second Boston Strangler LP I wasn't overly keen to sink more money into another Boston hardcore record. So I waited a couple of days and then found the record online to listen to. Pretty soon I was fist bumping along and decided that this was definitely worth investing in after all. The only problem was that it was now sold out. Oops! I cursed my hesitation and figured I had once again been too sceptical of the hype for my own good. But then Chris posted up a copy and mentioned that some small label/distro had some clear copies, and this time I didn't sit around thinking about it.

Available information suggests that there are only 200 of these on clear, and they sold out pretty fast. I think most of them were sold on tour. This album contains 10 songs, the longest of which is one minute and fifty seconds. These songs are short, hard and yet catchy blasts of raw hardcore.

Not that I'm in touch with what's cool these days, but this appeared to come out of nowhere. I mean, it's not on a well known label, and it doesn't contain any of the usual Boston hardcore superstars. Yet this is definitely one of those releases that has a real buzz about it, and deservedly so.

So is this the record of the year? I'm not sure, but it's definitely a strong contender. This is my 'go to' record at the moment and I can't see that changing for a while. The only problem is that it's too short.

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