Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Ounce Of Kind

There are some records that I own which I know next to nothing about. Some 90s bands have been pretty much forgotten, and some of these weren't even known in the first place. But there are some really great records out there that a decreasing number of people know about. And in a way, it helps people like me, as it is possible to buy rare copies of some of these things for cheap.

Case in point, I just picked up this Ounce Of Kind test press for not a lot.

This test comes in a handmade sleeve, which is actually numbered out of 100 copies. I'm not sure what this means exactly. I mean, were there really 100 copies? Or were there 100 limited sleeves, and the first few were used for the tests? Or is it numbered out of 100 but perhaps nowhere near 100 were made? I imagine we will never know.

I also puled out the regular copy of the record to take a photo of the two together for as a contribution to instagram's #seveninchseptember.

I hadn't heard this thing in a long while, so took the brave step of actually putting this on the turntable and giving it a spin. It's even better than I remember. It sounds a lot like Ashes, and whilst that sound started to get stale in the late 90s, it suddenly sounds quite fresh again. If anyone has the mp3s please get in touch.


geoff said...

i enjoy obscure 90s hc. its not often i see a 7" and have no clue what it is, this is one of those times. no recollection of this record at all.

mcs said...

Yeah, interestingly I have no recollection whatsoever of where I got this one from. I can only imagine that I would have bought it based on a description of what it sounds like. Could possibly have come from Very distro or maybe Vique's distro, but I can't be sure.