Sunday, 20 September 2015

More Of The Same

This one took a lot longer than it should have. I don't know why. It's one of those that used to seem not too rare, but when I actually started to want one it then became impossible to find. I was offered one of these for the pathetic sum of £5 about circa 2010, but it was part of a bigger deal that never went down in the end, although I cant remember why. And then five years went by.

This is the third press of Faith's 'Subject To Change' LP on red vinyl. I have no idea how many were made nor in which year it came out.

The first press was on blue, and seems to be the most common colour. Or at least, it does in the current day and age. The second colour press was a lovely pink colour, and then the red followed at some point later. Interestingly, on the back cover the 'pay no more than' price has increased to $5 on the red vinyl copy, where it was previously $4 on the blue and pink copies, which clearly show that the red was later.

There were also a few copies on clear vinyl. Nobody really knows how many, although I have heard suggestion of 20-50. And also, apparently, there was a ridiculously low number of white vinyl copies. I'd never even heard of a white one before, but someone on instagram said that they had heard that there were only 5, one for each member of the band. Something tells me my collection will end here...


Jeff said...

I agree, these are getting harder and harder to come by. Very nice score. I hope to find one soon too.

Nico said...

Awesome score. I still looking for a fourth press ($4.00, NO masterdisk etched in the matrix) which is impossible to find for some unknown reason.

I don't even want to think about getting a clear or white copy anytime soon.

Mark Barker said...

blue 83,black 84, pink85 ish ,red 87/88. white from pink batch, clear came from the red. other later pressings.. i dont know