Saturday, 5 September 2015


The third Pulling Teeth LP, 'Funerary', came out back in 2011 with what seemed like very little fanfare. The previous LP sold out at pre-order stage, thanks to a very special cover, but this one just seemed to appear out of nowhere. And it also seemed to be sold out immediately too. As soon as I became aware it existed, it was all gone. Crazy. I guess it's possible that there was a pre-order that I missed, but still, if there was it went fast. So I added it to the wants list and finally bagged one.

Part of the reason for the delay was that I wanted a green one. The record itself was hard to get, but the green vinyl was tough as hell to find. I'm not sure how many were made exactly, but I'm convinced that the minority were green. It's one of those colours that is very dark and looks almost black, until you hold it up the the light.

There was also a stupidly rare version made of the song 'Funerary' made as a one side 12" for record store day around the same time that this came out. It's even more elusive than this thing, so I reckon I'll track one down around 2020 at this rate.


geoff said...

i now need to see that color in person. looks really interesting in the photo, was that taken with the kitchen lighting?

mcs said...

Nah, I'm not taking any photos in my kitchen. The spotlights in the ceiling and really bright, but the downside is that there are are almost too many of them, making it pretty much impossible to take a photo without either shadows or glare.

Aaron Harbaugh said...

The 12" is cool too in that the center label is solid and covers the spindle hole so you'd actually have to poke a hole in the label to play it. Probably not to many out there that have ever been played. There's also two test presses since they also released it as a single LP. Kind of an obsessive Pulling Teeth collector nerd here.