Sunday, 2 August 2015

InteRgrity Stuff

No matter how many Integrity records I pick up, there are always more that I miss and more that get pressed and repressed. It's an endless quest in itself just trying to keep up with everything that this band puts out on vinyl. Here are a few bits that I picked up in the last couple of months...

Here's my third copy of the split with Mayday.

Continuing the white vinyl theme, here's the Indie Recordings pressing of the 'Black Heksen Rise' 7". This white vinyl copy was out of 200 copies.

Next are the A389 Records second press copies of the 'Seasons Of The VVitch' 7" - one each on turquoise, purple and red vinyl.


And here's one that I missed on colour completely when it came out - the 'Kingdom Of Heaven' 7". This one is the band exclusive pressing on 'purple' (which looks a lot more like dark red to me) vinyl.

And finally, a test press of last year's Record Store Day split 7" with Vegas, 'Love Me, I'm Bedazzled'.

Notice how the pressing plant have inserted an extra letter 'R' into the band name.

Despite picking these up there are still LOADS of Integrity records I do not own. This is one chase that will literally never end, mark my words.


geoff said...

i think its about time you rent out a warehouse, a lift, and get a group photo of that integrity collection!

mcs said...

Ha! I would but there are always more coming to make any photo out of date. I have a few more in the states ready to be shipped.

geoff said...

well, im sure you could rent out a warehouse a couple times a year? it should only take ten minutes to set up that many records for a photo.