Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Day The Music Died

When Bane played on their first European tour in 2000, they stayed at my house, and Bedard was telling me about the best new band in the States, American Nightmare. I still remember it like it were yesterday, although it were nearly fifteen years ago now. Wow. Anyhow, it turned out that he was right, and American Nightmare were the best band back then after all. But then they went shit and then they broke up. But people never stopped liking them and the prices of their records never really came down much. So I left it a few years before picking up some of the ones I didn't have. I'm not really trying to collect them. More, if I see one I might pick it up.

This white vinyl copy of the first 7" is the fourth copy of this record that I own. I got the red vinyl one when it came out, and then added two different blue ones in the last few years. And now this white one. So that only leaves me about 20 others to go. Expect me to complete this collection somewhere around 2045.

The band played two shows in London last week, and at no point did I even consider buying a ticket. Spending the money on this record was probably a far better choice, don't you think?

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