Sunday, 17 May 2015

Pushed Too Far

Back in the last 90s I picked up a 7" by a band called Pushed Too Far. I liked how they appeared to be named after a SOIA song, I liked the tunes they banged out, and I liked the aesthetics of their record - it came in a blue sleeve and pretty much all copies were on a matching blue vinyl. It felt like a nice, clean design. Back then I heard rumours that there was a second, more limited 'dark' blue colour vinyl, but I never saw one. Fast forward to early 2015 and one popped up on ebay. In the 16 or so years before this, I don't think I had ever actually seen one. So I figured I would throw down a cheeky bid, and wouldn't you know it, I bagged it. So here it is:

The dust sleeve is stamped with a number 32, although I have no idea how many copies this is number thirty two of.

I always loved the band photo on the back of the sleeve. I used to love dude's Chain t-shirt and I liked the idea that if you lived wherever these dudes lived, you might just bump into them hanging out around town.

Finally, I fished out my other copy - the one I've had since the late 90s - to compare the two. It's the one on the right here. As you can see, the its colour is a much closer match to the sleeve than my newest copy.

I haven't listened to this in a while, and it doesn't seem to have aged too well compared to other records of the same era. Regardless, however, there's another variant out there on black vinyl in a limited sleeve and I quite want it now. Kinda silly huh?

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