Thursday, 7 May 2015

Kill For Christ

Back in 2009 I started out on a quest to collect the XClaim! releases. I actually did really well in a very short space of time. In August 2009 I picked up XClaim! numbers 1 and 4, then in November I managed to pick up XClaim! 5 & XClaim!6, and in December I found a copy of XClaim!3. So that was five of the six done within four months of each other. I think that by anyone's standards, this was pretty good going. That left me only one record left to get to complete the set.

Well, things slowed down a little after that. It's actually taken me five and a half years later to acquire a copy of XClaim! 2, although it was worth waiting for as it is in such great condition. So here we are - the F.U.s 'Kill For Christ' LP.

Like all of my other XClaim! records, this one comes with an insert. Thank fuck.

And of course, you know full well that I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to post up this great photo of my now complete XClaim! set.

That's another one off the wants list. The year is going ok so far.


massivewaste said...

Which one do you prefer: first or second Fu´s LP? My favorite Fu´s track is "Green Beret" from the Boston Not L.A. comp.

mcs said...

I much prefer the second F.U.s LP. This one just doesn't do it for me at all. But obviously I had to have it to complete the set.