Sunday, 31 May 2015

Glow Me A River

So just like everyone else out there, I was suckered by Revelation's repress of 'Start Today' on glow in the dark vinyl. But unlike everyone else, I've only just received mine. Not much to say about this one really, other than how awesome it is. But you already know that. So here are a couple of pictures, which no doubt everyone has seen before many times elsewhere.

Of course, as Rev reissued the record on this new colour, Super 7 decided to make another GB toy using the same glow in the dark technology. And even though I thought I wouldn't get sucked in, on the day it launched I couldn't help checking out what the fuss was about, which inevitably led to me buying one.

So the only thing left to do at this point was to put the two things together and take a couple more photos. One with the lights on:

And one with the lights off:

It sounds stupid, but I am seriously impressed with how brightly these things glow in the dark. I mean, shit glowing in the dark has been something that has existed since I was young, but it always used to be a pretty poor glow. These two things glow seriously brightly. The photo doesnt do it justice really, but in real life these things glow super bright. Love it.


Mike said...

Love that glow in the dark photo! Well done.

J@screamingforrecords said...

It does indeed glow super bright. As Mike said, love that glow in the dark picture. Despite you blogging about this late I don't think anyone else thought to do that! Nice one