Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Don't Stop

As I am sure you know, most test pressings are made in pretty small runs. Typically, there are 3-15 copies of most tests made. But sometimes labels make much larger quantities, and here's an example. This Fastbreak 'Don't Stop Trying' 7" test press is numbered out of 55 copies (with this one being #3).

The sleeve that this copy comes in is a very DIY affair. It's basically just a folded piece of red card, with a print of the regular cover art glued on the front.

I'm not sure whether this is the real cover or one that the previous owner made. The reason I say that is because Kyle also owns (or rather owned) a copy of this test which came in a regular record cover (check it HERE). Given that his was number 5, which was only two after this one, it would seem odd that they would have different sleeves.

Still looking for a first press blue vinyl copy of this one, and I think there may be a solid yellow vinyl later press too which I also don't have. Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Fake cover

Real covers came in 2 versions. One was a black photocopy and the other was a blue photocopy

Nico said...

Isn't this part of the repress, that came out a few years later?

Somehow the pre-orders for that took a while and as a gesture, they send out a test press to anyone who pre-ordered it.

Nico said...


TPR004 FASTBREAK 'Don't Stop Trying' 7" Repress After two years of screwing around trying to get this repress completed it is finally out. This is a remastered version, complete with a new matrix that clearly states '2nd Mastering'/'10 Years.' This pressing is a big one. The PRE-ORDERS received 1 of 50 new test presses with the original 1st press covers. Orders now receive 1 of 125 yellow marble copies with the original 2nd press covers. Distros OTHER than SENTIENT in Germany with receive black vinyl copies with the standard 3rd-5th press covers. To get a limited yellow marble copy order here:

mcs said...

Hey Nico, no, this is a first press test. It's numbered out of 55. The repress you mention is a separate press years later numbered out of 50. If you check HYE there are some people who have both in their lists.
Anonymous - I don't think this is a legit cover, but as I said, someone else also had one without the covers you mention, so it seems odd to me that neither copy has the ones you mention, despite both being low numbers.

Cp said...

Interesting. I have #6/55. Has a special black and white sleeve which is also numbered and a poster size lyric sheet, both were made especially for the test pressing.