Saturday, 9 May 2015

A Clear Measure

When I sent some Seaweed records to Mike recently, I realised that I only had an orange vinyl copy of the 'Measure' 7". In my head I thought I also had a clear one, but it would seem not. So I decided to rectify that situation.

Quite a lot of the earlier Sub Pop releases were pressed on multiple colours of vinyl. Others just came on one. I'm not sure exactly how they decided these things. But over the years some colours of some releases have proven to be super rare and become extremely sought after.

The other, more common colour of this one is orange vinyl. And, just like the Bold 7" on Rev, the majority were on a bright orange, but there were some copies on a kind of pink/orange mix and also some that are regarded as pink. If you are remotely interested in seeing any of these variants then go check out John Pette's Seaweed discography.

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