Sunday, 25 January 2015

4th and 12

It wasn't too long ago that I added two Sick Of It All 'S/T' 7"s to my collection. In fact, it was only last month. I picked up first and second press copies. Well, this brought me close to 'completion' on this record, so when I saw this fourth press copy on eBay UK, I figured it would be a good chance to take another step closer. I thought I had picked one of these up a few years ago, but the copy I got back then turned out to be a bootleg.

The funny thing about this one was that I got the eBay reminder on my phone as I walking towards the Mindset show a couple of weeks ago. By the time I got to the show there was about two minutes left. I paid into the show and then immediately put in a bid on this record with about 20 seconds to go... and won.

There's nothing particularly sexy about this pressing of the record. In many ways, this is the bog standard edition. Black vinyl, so stamps or numbering. Just 2000 copies on black vinyl. The Rev discography mentions that there are two different sleeves however, with one having catalogue and ordering info printed inside the sleeve. Mine, however, has nothing inside the sleeve.

What makes this pressing different from the previous is the cover - the photo is more zoomed in. Here it is next to the first press (first press on the left, fourth press on the right):

The reason I called this post '4th and 12' is simply because this fourth press copy is the 12th copy of this record in my collection. It would probably have been a good opportunity to take a collection photo, but on this occasion I simply couldn't be bothered. Sorry.

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