Sunday, 7 December 2014

Three Rev Holes Filled

After picking up the two War Zone 7"s on green and clear a couple of months back, I decided that I needed to make more of a push to finish the early Revelation collection. I have most of them, and some of the ones that are harder to find, but there are some glaring gaps. The problem is that everyone is chasing the same records, so on the rare occasion that something pops up, prices go off the chart. Every record seems to sell for more than the previous copy. So I've decided to just pick up the things that I need when I can, and be less concerned about the price, otherwise I'll be at this forever. So when I saw Dobek was selling some records recently, I figured I would take the opportunity to fill some gaps.

I've never owned a first press copy of the Sick Of It All 7" before. My main focus was always colour vinyl, so it seemed low down the priority list for me. Then time ticked on and prices carried on rising, so the point where the price put me off. For years I had passed on one of these. But I decided that now was the time.

The first press copies are instantly recognisable due to having a number stamped inside the sleeve. The first press copies were numbered from 1-1000.

The labels are also different on the first press copies. The A side label has no Rev logo, and the B side label is the same photo as that used on later pressings, but more of a zoomed in close up.

The main attraction to this particular copy was that it came with the apology note still intact. I'm not sure how many of these were issued by the label, but it seems that taking money for pre-orders and then experiencing delays in sending out records has been going on for years.

I also took the opportunity to pick up a second pressing, red vinyl copy of the Sick Of It All 7". I own one of these in a photocopied sleeve, but I was missing one in a regular sleeve. I actually bought one of these way back in about 1994 for £10, but it skipped on my record player, so I took it back to the dude I bought it from and got my money back. Ha!

These second press copies were also numbered, but the numbering started at 1001 and goes up to 2000. Mine has a slight stain, although it is far less visible in real life. Sometimes photos make these things look worse than they really are.

Notice how the B side label differs to that on the first press.

The third record I grabbed was this clear vinyl Chain Of Strength 7". I used to own one of these but traded it away in 1997 with Mark for a Four Walls Falling 7". It seems stupid today, but back then I was happy. I'd decided I didn't need the Chain 7" as I had just picked up a clear vinyl copy in a silver sleeve. Owning two clear copies seemed unnecessary. Seventeen years later, it seems essential, so I fixed my mistake.

When discussing prices for the above three 7"s, I'd also talked about buying two Breakdown '87 Demo' 7"s. But given these were not as high on my want list, I decided to pass. The prices seemed a little high, especially on top of what I was already paying out, so I backed out. So imagine how stoked I was when I opened the package to find that Dobek had thrown one in for free! Very kind. This copy is on clear yellow vinyl, although looks slightly green due to the green swirls.

My early Rev collection is now only missing a couple of Gorilla Biscuits 7" variants (a light yellow vinyl and War Zone B side) and the non-orange Bold 7"s (pink and orange/pink mix). The Bold on pink is undoubtedly the main want of those. I feel I could happily live without the GB 7"s... although if I get the chance to grab one I will probably change my mind. We shall see.

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Jeff said...

I love all of the different yellows for that Breakdown 7". So many variations.